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KeepKey review

This device is a premium looking device, and it has many features. According to a few blogs, it is the most feature rich hardware wallet for Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Some even claim that this is the most secure wallet on the market right now. It has a digital screen and a metal body, which is more expensive to produce than plastic (like other hardware wallets). The price tag is quite high for a hardware wallet. The price is $99, and the product is shipped from the US. We do not recommend people from the EU to buy this product, because you will have to pay VAT, import duties and a high shipping cost – stick to the Ledger Nano S or the TREZOR for now. For people from the US, this might be a good alternative to TREZOR, which has around the same price. KeepKey is a new wallet, and it needs to gain more trust before people start talking more about it. It is not as popular as the other two hardware wallets. KeepKey works the same way as the other hardware wallets. The private keys are kept offline on the device, transactions are signed and sent to the computer or smartphone.