Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Comparison


Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies are growing, and more and more hardware wallets are popping up. Why? Because Bitcoin, Ethereum and others are becoming more valuable. People need secure ways to store their crypto currencies – without getting hacked or something like that. The purpose of this website is to help people find the best and maybe cheapest hardware wallet for Bitcoin or any other crypto currency. It is a good idea to read our reviews, user reviews and general information about the use of these devices.

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Find the best Hardware Wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Cryptocurrencies are the future, we cannot ignore that. It is very important to protect your coins and assets. The safest and easiest way to do that these days is to use a so-called hardware wallet.

A hardware wallet is a small device that holds your Bitcoin, Ether or whatever you intend to store on the device. You have to manually confirm transactions on these devices, which means it cannot be hacked. Well, you might ask why they can’t be hacked. They can’t be hacked, because your private keys are encrypted on the devices, and they never leave the devices.

If you for example buy a Ledger Nano S, it will sign transactions on the device and only the signed transaction will be shown to the computer or whoever is asking for it. An alternative to hardware wallets is paper wallets, but you have to make a new paper wallet after every use, which is not practical. Paper can also quickly be lost.

If you have decided to buy a hardware wallet for your crypto currencies, then read our “How to choose?” guide – which will help you choose the right one for the right price. You can also make comments and ask questions.