Trezor Model T

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Trezor Model T review

You might have heard about TREZOR before. It is also a very popular hardware wallet brand. Many people discuss which wallet is the best: Ledger Nano S or TREZOR. Our recommendation is to buy a Ledger Nano S, if you are a beginner – but you can also buy a TREZOR. We do not want to take sides on this debate, both devices are great and do their jobs. Just like Ledger Nano S, TREZOR can store both Ethereum and Bitcoin (and many more). The device is expensive compared to a Ledger Nano S, if you are buying it from outside the EU, but in EU there is a little difference in price (Ledger Nano S) is still cheaper. TREZOR Hardware Wallet has a display and two physical buttons. This display is used to display transactions and confirm them. TREZOR was also the first Bitcoin hardware wallet on the market. You connect the device to your computer by using an USB cable. The private keys are stored on the device itself, and they never reach the internet. TREZOR is hacker-proof, just like Ledger Nano S. TREZOR also has a Chrome extension to make it easier to use.