Which Hardware Wallet is the best one for me?


This is how you choose the right wallet

Right now, there are under a handful of options when it comes to Bitcoin hardware wallets. Therefore, it is quite easy to choose between them, especially because you probably already have a favourite wallet. Maybe the price is the problem. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies and digital assets are growing, and the market is growing. We expect to see more hardware wallets on the market the next couple of years. Therefore, it is very important to know what you have to look at, when it comes to choose the perfect and best hardware wallet for Bitcoin or the crypto currency of your choice. Can you trust all hardware wallets?

If you haven’t checked our Hardware Wallet Comparison already, we suggest that you do so. You can see the prices, a short description of every wallet and where it is shipped from. This way you can avoid surprises such as import duties.

You have to read a lot about the specific wallet you are trying to buy. Most websites have some kind of FAQ that should cover most of your questions. A good idea is to read on various forums about the device and see what people are experiencing. Is it a good wallet? Is it a bad one?

Research the company

“Everyone” can start a hardware wallet company and run away with your money. Therefore, always research the company you are buying form. Who are they? What have they done in the past? Read reviews about them and ask people on forums – instead of just searching for answers like we mentioned before, you should ask your questions directly to people. The next thing is to look at what the are promising. Is it to good to be true? If yes, then it probably is – and you should get a more reliable wallet.

Look at the price

You might be looking at a nice looking device, but is it worth the money? Most of the hardware wallets listed on this website cost less than $100 each. Therefore, if some company is offering a wallet for $1000 and you are willing to buy it… then you have to ask yourself: What can this hardware wallet do that the competitors cannot? ┬áProbably nothing, don’t buy it. You can get a Ledger Nano S for a nice price, and it can do everything that you need a hardware wallet for.

What needs do you have?

Do you need a hardware wallet because it is cool? Buy the cheapest one. Do you need a hardware wallet because you need to store large sums of money on it? Go for a more expensive and more reliable model such as the Ledger Blue. If you don’t like the design of Ledger’s products, then you can buy TREZOR or KeepKey. It is your decision, and you have to discuss this with youself.